Speedo LZR Racer X Jammer

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  • Pulselite Fabric-
    • A light, powerful, and durable fabric
    • LZR Racer Pulselite provides support along with flexibility. This is very useful in the upper torso because it makes breathing and arm-movement during strokes easier.
  • LZR Racer Comprex Fabric- 
    • A Unique, smart-stretch fabric.
    • LZR Racer CompreX uses one way stretch technology, stretching vertically, allowing swimmers freedom of movement during their stroke.
    • It is resistant to horizontal stretch providing high compression, reducing drag but increasing the muscles' efficiency.
  • Support Seams-
    • Enhance the link between upper and lower body muscles.
    • Connecting major muscles of the thigh, back, and shoulders.
    • Construction of seams provides feedback to the swimmer, helping maintain a better position in the water and a high leg kick.
  • Seam Tape-
    • Rather than stitching, the seams are ultrasonically welded together.
    • There is an additional top tape to ensure there is a stronger bond.
    • Allowing a flatter seam which increases comfort and reduces skin friction drag by 6% versus sewn seams.
  • AB Activators-
    • Laser cutting of the layered core liner uncovers the single layer Ab-Activator panels, improving localized sensitivity to water. This encourages lower abdominal muscle activation.
    • Proprioceptive feedback promotes optimal body position in the water.

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